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Below is Information for our Upcoming Chess Tournament Fundraiser: 
No events at the moment

Hello Chess Players!

Below is the details pertaining to our previous tournament. Information will appear here when our next tournament takes place. Stay tuned!



DIRECTIONS: Obtain a free online account where the online tournament will be played. Then register by clicking on the tickets tab above. After registering and receiving your ticket, an email will follow shortly with instructions on how to join the tournament. You can see everyone else who is registered in the tournament after joining. Instructions are also at the bottom of the ticket receipt. (If you have any questions, contact Jack Swenson at

DATE/TIME: Sunday, April 11, 2021 Starting at 2pm MST (Arizona) with rounds following completion of each round (approx. 2 hours 20 mins. total for all 7 rounds)

TICKETS: $10 Minimum Donation. You can donate more (e.g. $20, $30 donation per player) by selecting a different Donation ticket on the Ticket List

SECTION: Open Section, does not affect USCF rating, only online rating

ENTRY LEVEL: From Beginners to Masters, all players are welcome!

Time Control: Rapid 10 min, no delay

ROUNDS: 7 Rounds total, each round up to 20 mins. long. If you complete your match before everyone else, you can relax and watch the other games until the next round starts. (approx. 2 hours 20 mins. total for all 7 rounds)

PRIZES: Knowing that you are contributing to a great cause!


Please contact Jack Swenson with any questions at


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